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Plans unveiled for mermaid statue in Teignmouth

Plans for the erection of a 4m high mermaid statue at The Point in Teignmouth are due to be reviewed next week and a decision made on where it will be constructed.

Local artist Mike Nance hopes that his creation will be allowed to sit on the stunning Teignmouth coast which attracts so many people to spend their summer holidays in caravans in South Devon, and planners are due to give their final say on the project at the beginning of July.

The mermaid resembles a 4m high version of Copenhagen's famous Little Mermaid that sits on a carved stone pedestal. It is known locally as 'The Statue of Make Believe' and has been seen on the roof of Mike Nance's home for many years, but now hundreds of Teignmouth residents are backing Mike's plans to have the statue put on the coastline for thousands of visitors to see and enjoy.

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