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Dawlish has so many amazing eateries you won't know where to start. Best pack some trousers with an extra belt button as you'll be feasting on its many culinary delights.


Indian Cuisine


Indian food remains a firm favourite for restaurant goers, and you'll be sure to find plenty of choice for a mouth-watering curry in Dawlish. Pass the chutney. ... read more

Italian Cuisine


Taste the finest Chinese cuisine that the Dawlish area has to offer - there's plenty of magnificent Chinese restaurants to choose from in Dawlish. ... read more

Seafood Cuisine


The Italian diet mainly consists of delicious pasta, pizza and amazing tomato-based dishes. Bellissimo! Visit Dawlish for some of the best Italian restaurants in Devon. ... read more

Restaurants in Brixham


Avast me old Mateys! There be plenty of fantastic seafaring-based restaurants in the Dawlish area - in fact you could say it's one of the region's specialities. ... read more

Restaurants in Dawlish


Once made fun of by the rest of the world British Cuisine is now rated as amongst the best food on the global spectrum. Try some traditional, lip-smacking British fare at a number of excellent restaurants in the Dawlish region. ... read more

American Cuisine


Ye Haw! There's more to American food than fast food and fries (though we love a bit of that anyway). The USA love to eat and they love to produce great dishes - check out the best of American restaurants in the Dawlish region today. ... read more